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#Museumhookhacks No2

Yesterday I visited Louvre Abud Dhabi. Sorry old Greek, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Persians, I went straight through to Salles 10-12. Moderntiy. Mind-Got-Blown.

My favourite: Food for Thought/Al Muallaqat

Maha Malluh

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, 2013

An installation of 11 used pots, blackened by use over the fire. As an ode to nomadic women who used them to cook and feed their families. An ode to an obsolete lifestyle.

Oh, and I brougt One of my works (Obsolete Ego's no 9, te be precise).

"My work

has been displayed at Louvre Abu Dhabi"

Couldn't find any spare hooks. As to be expected, this museum is well curated.

I styled my piece in the lobby, asked an attendand if I could take a picture of it (Why not?) And went ahead. So now I can honestly say may work has been displayed at Louvre Abu Dhabi.

From my first blog:

"Why shouldn't every museum have a little spare hook somewhere for a dreaming artist? Or a little empty console? Or a small piece of floor where an artist can build an installation? From MOMA in New York to Centre Pompidou in Paris, let's give the artists a little space to dream. Let them hack a hook. #museumhookhacks. "

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