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All artists dream. That is how art is created. I dream about my art being displayed in a museum. Museums are grand, museums are exciting, museums are creative buildings, museums are public and museums are interaction.

In my hometown of Nunspeet, Erik Stotijn, the director of "Noord-Veluws Museum", makes interaction between visitors of his museum and living and breathing artists possibile. Each summer he opens the inner doors between the museum and Nunspeet's Academy of Arts, thus allowing the public to visit the "Nunspeet School Summer Salon". I participate. I like talking to people, about art, about life, about museums, about window-or-aisle, about.... everything.

"In my dreams I hack a museum hook"

My dreams are bigger. When I visit a museum, (ANY museum) I look for spare hooks. In my dreams there is always a little corner. And in that corner, there must be a hook. It is forgotten by the curator. It hasn't been removed after the last exhibition. And there I am with my piece. And I just put it on display. In my dreams. In my dreams I hack a museum hook.

But why not now? Why shouldn't every museum have a little spare hook somewhere for a dreaming artist? Or a little empty console? Or a small piece of floor where an artist can build an installation? From MOMA in New York to Centre Pompidou in Paris, let's give the artists a little space to dream. Let them hack a hook. #museumhookhacks.

Dear curators and directors, could you leave the artists of the world a little spare hook?

Tomorrow I am visiting Louvre Abu Dhabi. It is time to dream. Goodnight.

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