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How to buy affordable Art at an Affordable Art Fair: 3 basics and 1 tip

Bijgewerkt op: 27 apr. 2018

Recently I exhibited at my first Affordable Art Fair. World Art Dubai was a good experience for me as an emerging international artist. I have sold many pieces in my home country and my buyers encouraged me to jump to an international environment. Affordable Art is considered to be anything priced under $ 20,000.--. But your budget can be starting at let's say anyhing up to $ 400,--

Buying affordable art is an art in itself. Where to begin as a new art buyer? Let's make this very easy. It all depends on your goal. If you want art for interior design purposes, as most people do, then do not make it harder than it should be*.

Just start with the basiscs:

  1. On what wall do you need art?

  2. What are the matching colours?

  3. What size do you want?

Then just go at it: roam the fair of your choice, chat with artistst and exhibitors, take notes and pictures. Collect business cards and then do the most important thing an art buyer can do at this stage:

Have a coffee

Take a break from all the noise, the colours, the people. Go through your notes and pictures and by now you'll have a pretty good idea of what's out there for you. If you are undecided: come back the next day. At most artfairs, interested buyers will get free

Tip: Interested buyers will get free follow up entrance tickets

tickets for a following day. Just tell the artist or gallerist you want to sleep on your decision.

Ten years of shoes will cost you more than your artpiece

Do not bother about "What will this be worth in 10 years time". Your car will have cost you much more, and hey, in 10 years time you will have spent much more on jeans or shoes than on this artwork! Most artists at fairs won't even be around in ten years. But their works will be. You can buy pretty good art at most fairs from let's say $ 400.--up to $2,000,--It is money well spent. For the next 10 to 20 years your room will be nicely decorated with beautiful art, exactly to your liking. This experience is unaffordable.

The experience is unaffordable

* If you do see your art as an investment, then it's a whole different ballgame. I will blog about that some other time.

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