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An Artist's checklist for Artfairs

I'm on the brink of flying off to Armenia Art Fair. If you're interested: here's a checklist "What-To-Bring"' to an artfair for a participating artist. And in case one of you wise guys says: "Hey, she's forgotten to put in "Art", I have not. It has made a nice journey of its own from Nunspeet-Dusseldorf-Tehran to its end desitination of Yerevan.......And it got cleared today by Aragil Art Foundation wich is the founder of Armenia Art Fair.

Artist's Airtfair Necessities:


Postcards (I always send a little card to everyone who owns one of my works)

T-Shirts (personalised......Also for my sis who is joining me)

T-Shirts for Armenia Art Fair


Screwdrivers/battery screwer

Mini Stroopwafels (If you're ever in Holland, do try them)

Container voor stroopwafeltjes (in this case I'll use one of my Useless Bowls,wich instantly makes it less useless..... bad marketing)

Pen&paper for building an e-maillist

Brooches for thank-you-give-away (hey, I'm an artist...)

Polaroid (for printing instant pics of buyers, artworks sold etc)

Markers, duct tape, scissors, leveler, extension cord,

Green and especially RED sticky dots

Laptop, phone and their chargers, for on-site working on website, Insta, Facebook

World adapters

Tripod and microphone for video and vlog


Microfibre cloth (I work with mirrors)

Spare shards, kit (for touch up if stuff got loose during transport)

Wire & pliers


white gloves (for art handling)

I hope there's some kg's left in my suitcase for a toothbrush...........

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