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Useless Bowl 5, black with 24 carat gold leaf

€1 250.00
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This "Uselss Bowl" was created in the 2017 series. Useless Bowls are very fragile, often with holes. Although they look sturdy, and glassy, they are in fact very thin and light and will sratch at any use. They are "Useless" except for just being there.

A very nice 3D Bubble Giding Sculpture. Measurements 32x19x8cm

Materials: 2 kinds of black epoxy/resin with 24 carat goldleaf.

Tecnique is freecasting. I cast my 2 component resins with the mere pleasure of excperiencing fluidity. After 6 to 12 hours, (depending on materials and temperature) I can form the bowl.

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